Saturday, April 9, 2011

In The Beginning

This title sounds rather epic. However a little history of the Big Blue line of pest and odor devises may be appropriate.

For the past 20 years I have been heavily involved in the pool and spa industry. Working with hot water, the natural progression led me to water quality. Water purification and sanitation.

I worked my way through chemicals and then to ozone.
Ozone has been used since the 1800's to purify water. In spa applications it allowed the use of fewer chemicals in the bathing water.
Through this process I discovered other uses for ozone.

From my teen age years I was always digging in the dirt. Loved to watch plants grow. 
Long winters and hot summers moved my gardening indoors.
My S.O. often complained about the odor associated with fertilizers. Certain plant varieties and finally my attempt at growing mushrooms!
You've never smelled a cash crop as odoriferous as mushrooms!
In addition to my SO, the neighbors weren't too keen on my hobby either. I needed to do something about the exhausted odor or close down my garden.
On a weekend trip to Las Vegas, passing through a casino, I recognized a familiar smell and it wasn't the stink of stale cigarette smoke. It was ozone. The hotel was using ozone to clean the air in the casino. Why not use that same principle to eliminate the odor exhausting from my grow room?
Though my first attempt was a little crude it had the desired effect.
That was 10 years ago and we've grown significantly since then.
The product has improved and sprouted new features to make it fool proof.

Not only has the Big Blue been used extensively for indoor gardens, we played a major part in eliminating the mold, mildew and smells from homes and offices, post Katrina.
Bars have adopted the Big Blue for air cleaning. Detailers and flood remediation professionals have used our products.
I hope you continue to follow along with us. We will be adding more information about the use of our Big Blue and posting helpful videos on ways to solve your garden odor issues.
And if you have any specific questions about the use and sizing contact us at
Thanks, Scott